This is Normal

by This is Napoleon?

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raymuhlenkamp great tunes from even better guys Favorite track: Soft.
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Jesus Christ! I don't even know how to thank all the people I need to thank: Super big thanks to Pookie and Forrest for all the work they put in. Thanks to Maddie for putting up all my shit. Thanks Jack, Lucas, Ryan, Justin, and Cooper for letting us be loud and putting up with my noise. Thanks to Brent for all his help on a lot of things. Thanks to the Six Sevens for being rad always putting on sick shows with us. Thanks to every house that has ever hosted us at a house show. Thanks to you for listening. Thanks to everyone who has ever come to a show.

If you enjoyed this album please let us know. Seriously every bit of feedback is useful and if enough of you like this and download we will get to work on a second album.

This is Walter Lewin? Errrr This is Napoleon?


released August 4, 2017

Robert Sanlis: Vocals, guitar, songs
Andres Montiel: Drums
Connor Grady: Guitar
Jacob Acosta: Bass
Jack Aron: Trumpet
Brent McGarvey: Guitar and backing vocals on tracks 2, 6, 7.
Nathan Graves: Nathan Graves on Tracks 1-9

All songs written by Robert Sanlis*

Tracks 2, 6, 7,and 9 recorded and mixed by Robert Sanlis at Trigo House.
Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 8 recorded by Chris Miehl and Nick Fields and Mixed by Forfest Kirby Jr. at Dungeon Studios

Album Art: David Bazan with permission. Name writing by Brent McGarvey.

**All Tracks tracks mastered by James Trevascus

*Track 1 written by Nathan Graves and Robert Sanlis
*Track 4 written by Robert Sanlis and Brent McGarvey

**Track 9 mastered by Robert Sanlis



all rights reserved


This is Napoleon? Isla Vista, California

Walter Lewin No More


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Track Name: Soft
Will the ice caps hurry up and melt
It'll save the Golden State
and give us some new beaches to smoke on and trash
I think we'll all like that

High school Junior me is drowning under 6 feet
he wants to go on kidding, this can't be where I'm living
endorsing San Francisco, as a sort of base home
long for nights in Portland and more journeys north

I'll trade (International Organ) International aid
for a walk on Hawthorn
I'll talk your ear off some more
tell me know if you're bored

Cuz I'll look out for mountains
make you look at Mt. Hood
makes more plans for Muir Woods
I'll go on about the sun rise over Shasta
on salvia and acid
I woke up for the cascades
and stared at them the whole day
Giant eyes from the train
she's laughing at my scattered brain

This lack of obstacles
Its a path of least resistance
you're such a fucking human
predictable and useless
comically clueless
lacking in a purpose
I'll some how make it worth it
I know that I have to
Track Name: A Barely Audible "Thanks"
From the city, to the suburbs, from my backyard to my couch. I could spend another hour wishing that I was somewhere else. Would that really be the best use of my self? Would I really be any better if I was anywhere else.

I saw god once drinking a beer. He said settle down son its easy to forget why you're here. Have another cold one on the almighty. Cuz looking down is always gonna be a drag. Just be thankful for that shit in life that you already have.

Cuz everybody's more fucked up than you know. And I hope you can find a safe ride home. A friend or a family member to tell you that you should probably go.

I think god was horribly drunk. When he made us all he kinda fucked up. But I won't hold that against him. I enjoy the life I was given. But my brain and my asshole tend to make a lot of shit. And its easy to loose yourself in all of it.

(Stupid long ending)
Track Name: Adam's Street
Traffic Always comes to a stand still.
Ya I know the true nature of Progress
and I could feel shitty forever
without ever changing my habits
I swear my head must weight ten thousand pounds
Cuz every city I visit I find another thought that weighs me down

You call this a process
I call it anything by progress
It's fragile easily lost
its best just too forget

Cuz I hate your goddamn solutions
and songs that make the space awkward
you said god has a plan
but god isnt really the right word.
And all the writing that I've written
like the all the driving that I've driven

It was temporary tenuous at best
Fragile Easily lost.
Its best just to forget.
Track Name: Dog Song
Girl you're a dog
A dog that I've had since I was six years old
You're a disease
A disease much worse than any ticks or flees
You're the light at the end of the tunnel you're the train rolling at me

Catch and release
I caught my tongue but somehow
message received
Its a disgrace
A disgrace that we are on a different page
You're the one who holds all the money
Where to go when you're friends don't think you're funny

My tv broke
My channel's gone
My insides hurt
You're insights are all wrong
If it sounded bad
Know it looked worse
Fucked up my car
In the road but somehow still on the fence
When the words get caught in my throat
You're a dog at the end of a rope and I know it
Track Name: Friend That Buys You Alcohol
I'll keep it short and sweet
Cuz I'm still learning what this means to me
Get praised for all my hypocrisy
I've been spending my time with my tv.

And I know its true
Its a fortune well spent sitting in my room
asking my friends "yes. How are you?
Do you plan on doing something fun soon?"

I think its impossible.
Like a flower growing in this city
or a surfer surfing in death valley
Know its all unstoppable

And I've been pulling teeth ignoring bleeding

It's deceiving
It's a sleep aid labeled adderall
It's the friend that buys you alcohol
It's the friend that tells you that she'll call

And I still wonder when a friend from the past
should stay a friend from the past
is she doing alright?
Should I not ask?
Its amazing how memories can fade so fucking fast.

And its deceiving ignoring bleeding
Track Name: Everyone's Least Favorite
Cuz the best shows are the ones you play for yourself
with a beer in one had for your mental health
But i dont play sad songs theyre too sentimental
I prefer the faster ones with an upbeat tempo

Cuz if its up to the things you do to change her mind
then you'll be drunk on your porch again
buts its alright
Track Name: Something I Barely Understand
Reality is so damn weird if you think about it too much
That's why I chose to sing a song instead
She cast a spell and away I fell spiraling in descent
Hopefully Ill land in her arms
And we'll fly together to escape the weather and built a house on the sun
Just like Brigham Young had in mind

Say something say anything,
Make sure the words you say match the words you sing and
Hopefully it will work out in the end.
I said say something say anything about the books you've read and the places you've been and hopefully it will work out in the end.
Track Name: I am not a Scientist (Bonus Track)
Maybe I need to learn to relax
and everything will be just fine
Cuz maybe I've been on her mind
cuz god knows she's been on mine

And I don't know if the world has changed or how i see it has

Cuz I've got guilt that could send me to a chiropractor
and I've got things on my conscious
I've got shit I'd like to tell you
but saying it right is harder than science

And I don't know if the world has changed or how i see it has
I don't know if I have changed or the world around me has